Goals and Visions

How can classroom teachers harness the power of online technologies like blogs, podcasts, and wikis for student engagement and learning?

I will be teaching in a bricks and mortar school next year and want to bring current technologies into the classroom. Although our technology structure needs updated, I want to be ready to add online components that engage and motivate students and assist them to develop 21st century skills.

I would like to incorporate some of the technologies such as blogs and wikis into my vocational classroom. Additionally, I would like to start a webpage for the classes that I will teach that will list the objectives and online learning activities. This will make it easier for students who want to access information outside of class. Technology access may be an issue for some students so I will need to be careful when I design activities so that students can get their work done while in the classroom. Access is an issue of fairness, but I also want to be fair and make certain that students have exposure to the tools they will work with after they leave high school and that they are prepared to learn and collaborate with others in a professional manner.


One thought on “Goals and Visions

  1. Beth Butler says:

    Accessing information outside of the classroom is a huge benefit with technology. Currently, my school utilizes Edmodo for posting assignments, handouts, tutorials, etc. It is so helpful for students to have this access, especially if a student has been absent.

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