Comments on an Inspirational Site

Mr. Moshe’s “Critically Thinking…Are You?” is a site that uses blog discussions for students. The teacher posts articles and writing prompts, and links to Common Core Standards and NETS Standards (National Educational Technology Standards for Students), and resources for students, parents, and other teachers. It is more than a student blogging site – it’s a comprehensive model for teaching and learning. There is also a model for a student blog project, broken down into steps.

This site is really motivational. I would love to be able to incorporate all the tools into a class website that Mr. Moshe does, including links to articles, rubrics, standards, and help for teachers and parents. Another really cool thing about this site is that you can record a voicemail and send it. It’s also spam protected – you must type in the security word to prove that you’re a person. I’m sure that this site is not free and that I probably wouldn’t have the school financial resources to back me but it’s got tons of good ideas!


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