Really Simple, Silly (RSS Feeds)

A quick search for RSS feeds on various meaningful topics yielded information on vocational education and teaching, learning networks, educational technology, and health care careers. I can search a whole lot more on topics of interest, but this will do for starters. RSS feeds are really simple, Silly. Seriously, who would have thought that I could look to find ways to detect plagiarism and find tools that help me not only detect, but also help me help students not to plagiarize? Check it out – Top 8 Plagiarism Tools.

RSS feeds add a whole new dimension to “class” comments. I can learn from the initial post but also from the comments that people post. Sharing in the online classroom allows me to learn in so many ways from so many different commenters.

I foresee using RSS feeds to keep up to date on classroom technologies, current health dilemmas and issues and career choices, and to assist students in learning about these. A unique dimension of collaboration is possible with RSS feeds and I’ll be exploring these possibilities as I delve more deeply into the feeds.


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