Social Bookmarking Plan

STANDARDS: RWSL 1.1.11A-H, 1.2.11A,B: Standard Area – CC.3.5: Reading Informational Text: Students read, understand, and respond to informational text – with emphasis on comprehension, making connections among ideas and between texts with focus on textual evidence.

UNIT: Integumentary System

LESSON: Using Diigo for Research

MATERIALS/RESOURCES: Computers with Internet Access, Integumentary System Objectives


OBJECTIVE: Students will bookmark sites on the class Diigo account for final projects related to the Integumentary System

INTRODUCTION: Review Diigo account information (learned in a previous lesson). Assign groups of 3-4 students to find information for the following categories: Terminology, Anatomy, Physiology, Disease Processes, Prevention of Integumentary Disorders, Environmental Factors and Integumentary System Disorders, and Treatments for Integumentary system Disorders



Each group will research sites related to their assigned category and post these to the class Diigo site. Students are required to tag their sources appropriately and with their group assignment name. Each group is expected to find at least five credible sites.


Logging into Diigo accounts, researching and posting sources.


Check progress frequently. Group assignment. Individual instruction.


5 Group Assignment sites tagged with appropriate names to class Diigo account


2 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking Plan

  1. jennhund says:

    I’ve never heard of Integumentary system Disorders, so I did a quick google search and found that someone had actually created a quizlet quiz for students to study from. Have you heard of quizlet yet? Check it out: Here

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