Podcasts as an Educational Tool

The podcast series at http://www.npr.org/sections/health-care/ is a current events health care production. Not only is it important for students to learn the basics of health care, but they should be aware of health care policy, issues, and political decisions. These events will affect prospective patients, the student and their families, and may help students determine which educational paths to pursue.

The series explores everything from the Affordable Care Act (trending right now) to hospital acquired infections to caregiver issues. The information is from radio broadcasts and has the sound and interesting rhythm that keeps the listener’s interest.

This series is a great way to expose students to the health care dilemmas and issues. I remember a time when I had to find a current issue and discuss it in class. It should have been interesting, but in actuality was an exercise that was more grueling than interesting. Helping students find a medium in which they can listen to someone explaining a perspective or idea is almost like getting a guest speaker for current events. Students can gain insight as to the perspectives of government policy makers, current patients, and health care providers.

I foresee using these podcasts as a springboard for a current events forum or as an adjunct to lessons that discuss topics such as health care insurance. Students can respond to the objectives addressed in the podcasts through their own podcasts or a blog. I could also post the podcast on a voicethread and have students comment on the voicethread.

Other podcasts which address healthcare and medical issue are at:





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