6C2: Skype Thoughts

Connecting with others almost always helps us learn something new. The value of using skype is that we can (usually) see and hear each other from distant locations. Facial expressions and body language which are huge in communication are able to be visualized, lending value to the experience.

My colleague and I discussed both the social and professional uses for skype. I’ve used skype in the past to connect with family when I or another family member have been out of the country and didn’t want a huge cell phone bill. It’s helpful when a child is away at college and wants to show you something (a tie, a blister, or the color of a date’s dress!)

My thoughts on using skype are to hold open “office” hours when facilitating classes or to connect with other health care professionals or teachers in order to collaborate on projects. There was a particular outreach program a few years back that was using skype to connect with high school students who were interested in pursuing health care careers. A medical team was in Africa and wanted students to see the types of interventions that were being provided. Unfortunately, the team was able to approve only a few classes for participation and my class was not accepted. But the potential for sharing life changing experiences via skype is intriguing.

Health care in rural areas is another area in which skype is making a difference. Specialists can evaluate patients from a distance. This opens up a whole new area for health care professionals in evaluating and treating clients. I think it also opens up a whole new area in learning distance treatment skills. Teaching students how to interact and evaluate via skype may become an important health care skill as this becomes more prevalent.


4 thoughts on “6C2: Skype Thoughts

  1. Health care and the skype examination, I love it. Geographic limitations are huge with specialty practices. I envision doctors without borders utilizing skype to collaborate with fellow medical students. The easy of communicating and no charge feature make it an awesome choice for education.

  2. Mindy Smith says:

    I love the idea of using Skype to hold office hours. I can imagine that students would love the opportunity to connect with their teacher, and ask questions that they might not have felt comfortable asking in class. Thanks for sharing that idea!

  3. Using Skype for open office hours is a great idea! Being accessible for face-to-face interaction I’m sure will be helpful to students who’s questions can’t be well-asked or answered via e-mail of phone conversation. Because Skype offers an image, you can literally show a student something while being miles away! The potential is great and this sounds like a good idea for your class!

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