8A1: My Very Own Site!

I have an idea that may appeal to various types of learners. Using Google Sites for individual learners could be a way for students to get familiar with various types of tools that are available to them on the internet and gather their work in one place. Google Sites requires very little technical knowledge. Designing a site simply requires having a Google account. Sites can be kept relatively private by inviting only certain people to join the site, adding a level of protection for students.

Using Sites for a classroom website seems pretty easy. My thought is to have each student design their own website, adding links to specific assignments that have been created by the student. For instance, students may be asked to create a video which demonstrates a particular procedure. They may also be asked to create a slide show presentation of a concept, such as infection control or environmental safety. A document may be assigned, asking students to detail the most important aspects of nutrition or to create a menu for a special diet. Students could also post pictures from photo sharing programs (or take their own) to create a pictorial representation of an idea, perhaps how diseases are spread (Chain of Infection).

Gathering these assignments in one place and posting them to a personal website allows students to practice within their learning styles and expand upon their abilities in others. For instance, a student who is highly visual may be able to write a better document if photos can be added to the assignment. One who is auditory may choose to use a voicethread or podcast to the assignment. A student who is kinesthetic may add a video to explain a concept. A logical, mathematical learner may complete an assignment in an outline or geometrical fashion. The interpersonal learner may team with others to develop a collaborative product. An intrapersonal student may add a self-awareness section in any of the above formats.

Sites assists with organization. I have many students who lose their assignments from one period to the next. Keeping the assignments in one online “portfolio” may help those who already very structured to add embellishments. Those who are not so, may find that their organizational abilities increase when working online. I also see this as an asset when interviewing for an entry level health care position. The student may be able to answer interview questions with a “Let me show you what I know about …..